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Custom Designed Photo Posters
Order a Custom  Designed Photo Posters
8x10......with 2 different photo cut outs  $19.75
      10x8.......with 2 different photo cut outs  $19.75
18x12.....with 2 different photo cut outs  $23.97
12x18.....with 2 different photo cut outs  $23.97
24x36.....with 4 different photo cut outs  $48.95
      36x24     with 4 different photo cut outs  $48.95

All the of the above prices are for the finished Poster Print. There is a $25.00 fee for the layout and design of the poster. Payment for the layout is due prior to starting the design of the Poster. E-mail for  the address to send your check or money order too. Note: You would be able to view the completed designed poster, before purchasing. That way any final changes could be made prior too your purchase. Please fill out the form below, and E-mail me for the address to send your fee for the layout and design of poster.

Process of your poster:
A. Select the photos to use from the photo Galleries.
B. Return here and Fill out the form below.
C. E-Mail me for address to send fee of $25.00.
D. I will e-mail you that I have received the fee, and I will start the layout and design of poster.
E. I will upload the poster image to the Custom Designed Section of the Galleries, and E-mail you that it is there for you to look over and make sure that everything is ok.
F. If there is anything that needs changed I will make the necessary changes and upload that image.
G. If everything is then ok, you can make your purchase just as you would for any other photo.
This entire process should take no longer than 2 weeks.
Once you have ordered the poster from the Custom Designed section of the photo galleries. You should receive it in 7 working days.

If you have any questions please contact me.

View some our Custom Designs

Please Note: The only photos I will use for doing custom designed poster, are the those taken by Sports Ohio USA.
Take your  photo images into any local photo shop and compare prices of a 24x36 photo print.  It  will cost you apx. $75.00, just for the print. Then there is a design fee, if they offer custom designing..
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